will start an Ontario timeline as Fan70s has posted for the Maritimes
Required reading would start with Gary Will's A Brief History of Pro Wrestling in Toronto  which we will start with below
It would appear Toronto was the first city in Ontario to host Pro Wrestling and it grew out from there

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1929 - Ivan Mickailoff begins to promote weekly wrestling shows in Toronto at the Arena Gardens

1930 - Jack Corcoran begins to Promote in Toronto in competition vs Mickailoff, starting at Massey Hall then moving to the new Maple Leaf Gardens in 1931

1939 - Jack Corcoran passes the promotion to assistants John & Frank Tunney. John dies suddenly in 1940 leaving Frank to run the promotion up until his death in 1983.
1947 - Pat Milosh takes over the Oshawa promotion from the Oshawa Wrestling Club after a riot at an event had shut down the club on the fourth show of the 1947 season
Milosh would promote in Oshawa and area through 1983 and continue to work as the local promoter for the WWF up to 1992, making him one of the longest running promoters in Ontario history.

1948 - Canadian wrestling star John Katan starts promoting Hamilton, ON. Hamilton , about 70km from Toronto would become a major stop on the Canadian circuit through the 1940's & 50's.
1950 - The first defense of the NWA World Title at MLG has Champ Lou Thesz winning over Whipper Watson by count-out. The Title would be defended at MLG a total of 132 times between 1950-1984
including five occasions where the title changed hands, the last time coming in 1977 when Harley Race defeated Terry Funk.

1964 - The Sheik makes his first appearance in Toronto on Sept 17 facing Erich Froelich at MLG. He would appear on cards through 1965 before leaving - not to return until 1969

1969 - The Sheik begins a 5 year unbeaten streak going 127 bouts without a loss, the streak ends in 1974 with a dq loss vs Andre The Giant

1977 - Harley Race defeats Terry Funk for the NWA Title at MLG. This would be last time the NWA title would change hands in Toronto during the Tunney era
 The Sheik makes his last appearance for Tunney on the July 10 show at Exhibition Stadium losing to NWA champ Harley Race by dq
The Sheik would show up on a Dundas, ON card eight days later not to return to Ontario (on the Wildman's circuit) until Aug 1979

1978 - Tunney would align with the Mid-Atlantic region and the red hot feud between Ricky Steamboat and Ric Flair would help fill up the Gardens again.
Flair, Steamboat, and the other M-A stars of the time, notably Jay Youngblood, Greg Valentine, and Jimmy Snuka would make an immediate impact on the local scene
  Dino Bravo wins the Canadian Title beating Gene Kiniski in the 'finals' of a fictitious tourney bringing a local title to the area after many years of the Sheik's U.S. Title as the main belt.

1980 - Frank Tunney presents shows in Buffalo for the first time, working in alignment with the WWF who had the rights to the arena. The first shows prove somewhat successful drawing over 8,000 fans. Tunney would continue with sporadic shows in Buffalo over the next couple of years.

1983 - Frank Tunney passes away May 10 , the promotion passes to nephew Jack who makes an impact on his own quickly with 2 giant summer outdoor shows at the CNE Exhibition Stadium
Both shows are topped by NWA Title defenses by Harley Race against Ric Flair, the shows dubbed Night Of Champions and Return Of The Champions would feature 11 titles over the 2 shows.

1984 - The WWF moves in with it's first show at MLG on July 22. The Toronto office never officially mentions anything until the ads for the card are placed but it appears the change had
been in the works for several months as they (WWF) had already done TV Tapings in Ontario as early as May. The debut card of the WWF would feature some familiar names to the Toronto fans including
past Toronto regulars or visitors Paul Orndorff, Sgt Slaughter, Greg Valentine, Jimmy Snuka, Iron Sheik (Hossein The Arab), Pat Patterson, Chief Jay Strongbow, and locals Nick DeCarlo and John Bonello

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